Civic Education Training: Kamukunji

This Wednesday July 20th, SNA-K held a civic education training and SMS creation workshop in Kamukunji for its Kamukunji volunteers.  The volunteers represent all wards in Kamukunji constituency, as well as different genders, ethnic communities, religions, and ages. The group has been working closely with SNA-K throughout the Kamukunji programs, and have interacted with the community throughout as SNA-K local representatives.


The workshop focused first on the new structure of the Kenyan government at the national and county level, specifically focusing on which positions will be voted for and values of ethical leadership. The next portion of the workshop focused on government funds available at the local level, including Constituency Development Funds and Bursary programs. For each portion of the program, participants broke into small groups to create SMS that they believed would bring the most important information to the community.  The civic education SMS will be sent to the community subscribers as we await further notice regarding the postponed by-elections.


The forum ended with a survey of all participants asking about whether or not they believed the programming has had an impact in the community and why, as well as how they think things can be improved. Survey results will be published soon!


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