Dennis Attends Peace Training on Behalf of SNA-K

Dennis Otieno Ogonji, a member of SNA-K’s Kasarani Chapter Leadership Team, attended a recent training on behalf of SNA-K. The training was a Training of Trainers on a Communinty Peace Recovery and Reconciliation Model Programme from August 15th – 19th. Below is Dennis’s description of the program:

The training was conducted by ACORD (Agency for co-operation and research development), with the aid of NSC (National Steering Committee) on peace building and conflict management and UNDP-Kenya (United Nations Development Program).  It targeted he whole of Nairobi County with each and every district represented, largely with district peace committee members.

ACORD has experience of over 30 years working in conflict and conflict in Africa. It has been working in conflict areas such as; Angola, Burundi, Chad, the DR of Congo (DRC), Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea Conakry, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda.

The training was aimed at giving the peace leaders more experience and more exposure to help them carryout their day to day of peace activities, without any hindrance and to build capacity of the already existing peace organizations/groups to quell the already existing animosity among the communities, that might make this county and country as a whole go back to its past status (post election violence 2007/20080) and make people know and understand the importance of peace. This training was aimed at making people know deeply about others cultures and values so that we celebrate our cultures and values in diverse manners for the sake of co existence. After the conclusion of the T.O.T’s training, the participants are to go on and teach others about all these so that peace can have a large base in the community.

It was recommended that the district peace committees work hand in hand with other existing organizations that promote the same gospel so that this process can be owned by the community. Peace is not a destination but a process that makes people live in peace and harmony, celebrate and embrace each other. The Nairobi Provincial Commissioner, who officially opened the training, recommended that any constituency that has any peace activity and has no support can contact him as he has some money from the Ministry of Special Programs that can be used to conduct peace activities. The Provincial Commissioner is the chairman of the Nairobi Peace Committee.

This T.O.T umbrella will be making program exchanges from one district to another.


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