Kamukunji Volunteers plan their next steps forward

After the success of the by-election programming, in which SNA-K sent civic education, voter education, and peace messages leading up to the election, and also collected questions from subscribers to bring to the political debate, the SNA-K Kamukunji community volunteers got together this week to start planning how they want to move forward.

Since the projects will take some time to plan and implement, the group first decided on what messages they will send over the next month to subscribers in order to keep in touch. The community volunteers had previously come up with about 50 civic education messages related to various civic education themes, including the Community Development Funds (CDF), in which subscribers had expressed particular interest. In this meeting, the group identified four important messages on CDF. They will send one each week of the month. After careful discussion, message-editing (to make sure the characters of the message fit within the SMS limit and were in locally appropriate language), and translation into Swahili, the group picked four messages. The selected four messages are:

1st message: Intro

Lets participate in management of CDF. CDF includes funds for projects, bursary, emergency, capacity building, administration, sports, maintenance & environment

Tujihusishe kwa mipango ya CDF. CDF ni pesa za miradi, bursary, hatua za darura, ujenzi wa jamii, michezo, ukarabati na mazingira.

2nd SMS: Education

Bursary funds are 4 education 4 needy children. Govt provides Ksh 1000 per pupil per year 4 free primary education. You dont have to pay for bursary application

Pesa za bursary ni za elimu kwa watato masikini. Serikali imetengea kila mtoto Ksh1000 kila mwaka kwa free primary education. Huhitaji kulipa kwa maombi ya bursary.

3rd SMS: Youth

Mayouth tuchukue hatua, Youth Fund is our right! The Youth Fund is to reduce unemployment and idleness of youth. Youth fund is 4 every youth. Team up & go 4 it!

Mayouth tuchukue hatua. Youth Fund ni haki yetu! Inapunguza ukosefu wa kazi na kukaa bure mtaani. Youth Fund ni kwa kila youth. Jungeni pamoja na mjitokeze!


4th SMS

Its not a favor from your elected leader. Its your right to benefit from CDF Funds. Lets work together to make sure the whole community benefits from ALL funds. (160)

Ni haki yako kufaidika na pesa za CDF, sio mapendeleo kutoka kwa kiongozi tuliemchagua. Tufanya kazi pamoja ili jamii yote ifaidike na hazina ZOTE!

Next, the volunteers moved on to discuss their proposals for how to move forward with SNA-K in Kamukunji. The group had a variety of ideas, requiring types kinds of funding. The group came up with suggestions that could be done with very little funding as well as larger events that would create name recognition and trust within the community but would require greater funding and could be included in larger proposals. One exciting idea that was prioritized was to design a peace curriculum and train volunteers to bring it into the high schools. The volunteers noted that high school students, especially those about to graduate, represent a population that may soon be idle and easily used for violence and intimidation. Other ideas included spreading the message about SNA-K through videos in matatus, and creating community-level dialogue about peace through street theatre.

This meeting assessed the level of commitment and thought that the volunteers had to continue SNA-K, and a second meeting will facilitate a more in-depth analysis of the role of Kamukunji in conflict and communication dynamics within Nairobi, and will then revisit these ideas to prioritize them and add new ideas. The Kamukunji team members understand that the funding is now over, but are excited to find ways to continue with the remaining messages and low-cost activities.


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