Narok plans community forums on Tribalism & Land

Narok team meets to plan forums on tribalism & land











The Narok chapter leaders came together this past week to plan two upcoming community forums on the pressing issues of Tribalism and Land. The Narok Town representatives discussed the most important aspects of Tribalism that plan to discuss and proposed experts on these topics to invite. They brought up issues of hate speech and rumors and how communities can understand the impact of these issues and prevent them from escalating into tensions and violence.

Chapter leaders from Ololulunga and Mulot plan forum on land

The representatives from Mulot and Ololulunga, bordering areas outside of town, discussed what they want to focus on in terms of issues with Land. They focused on the issue of double-leasing which is when the landowner leases the land to two different people and thus creates a conflict in which the two lessees often escalate to violence. Double leasing is a major concern in the area, because conflict between members of two ethnic communities over a lease can often escalate to rumors and violence between groups. The Narok Chapter will bring two lawyers, representing two ethnic communities, to speak at this forum to educate the community on the legal aspects of leasing, and what to look out for in terms of contracts and making sure new land is not already being leased. The aim is to empower the community to understand how to prevent and deal with double leasing of land and to give alternative methods other than violence with which the community can legally manage disputes.

The meeting was a productive step towards setting up these forums, and the Narok Chapter is excited to see the turnout and response.



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