Introducing New Bloggers on SNA-K’s Blog

Recently, you’ve probably been noticing blog posts from ‘shiksmuhuri’ and ‘mainageorge.’ They are SNA-K’s two new interns, Mercy and George, who will be updating the blog weekly with posts about SNA-K’s activities, programs, and stories about our members.
Before you start hearing from them regularly, we wanted to give them a chance to introduce themselves:


Mercy Wanjiku Muhuri: I am individualistic, a humanitarian, clever, unpredictable and freedom loving. I’m a peace lover among many other things, and that’s why Sisi ni Amani was perfect fit for me. I love the whole idea behind it, I get to interact with different people all the time, and I get to have a one on one experience with people from different communities and to listen to their ideas. It makes me realise that I am only a small element in this huge world. I hope to learn as much as I can in my time with Sisi ni Amani, and to have fun doing it. I’m already so humbled by how good everyone is.

I will be writing a blog about the Narok chapter, meetings, activities and experiences, as well as the PeaceTXT Program. I am looking forward to making it as interesting as possible and for all of our supporters. I look forward to the results that will come from all the hard work that everyone involved is putting into this.

Mercy has a Bachelors in Business Management, and a Certificate in Airline Cabin Crew with Kenya Airways. She has previously worked as a Marketing Assistant at Farmers Choice Ltd, and Customer Service at Kenya Airways. While studying for her Certificate with Kenya Airways, Mercy co-initiated a program where The Pride Center trainers helped raise funds for a children’s home as part of their CSR activities.


George Maina:I am a self driven person and a holder of Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and accounting option. I am dedicated to serve people and to work with driven teams. I love working to guide, motivate and encourage team members through team building services. During my studies at Kenya Methodist University, I was the president of the University’s Peace Council, a peace club that provided students with experiences and active work in peace promotion. At one point, I organized a tree planting event that gained the partnership of Wangari Maathai’s organization.

Being part of Sisi Ni amani is a wonderful experience since it offers first hand information related to peace and peace building. It is also a learning experience because of its wide spread activities in the country. I am delighted to be in the team which will be posting on this blog and passing information to the world. Please feel free to comment and contribute to this blog


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