A zeal for peace

Ever thought that you would meet a person who has a passion, zeal and a warm personality, then look no further, her name is Cate Broussard all the way from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. When Cate was back in the US she thought of doing her internship program in Kenya. Through her friend  Johannes, who previously volunteered with us, she was able to connect to SNA-K. It seemed luck was on her side since Sisi Ni Amani was looking for a specialist with her kind of monitoring and evaluation skills. Talk of being born with a silver spoon. She emailed Rachel Brown (Sisi ni Amani CEO) and within two hours the deal was sealed and she had plans to report in Nairobi, Kenya.

Cate has many interests, but has a passion for peace building, which out does all the other interests she has. She has a record of working and interacting with people of different nations. Having been to more than ten countries at a tender age, it’s just amazing what she does and how she does it. Having interacted with different nationalities, Cate found out the main or the core in our lives is to live in a peaceful environment and this cannot be achieved by people fighting and killing each other. It can only be achieved by preaching and spreading peace. Cate talked of how she is proud of the SNA-K SMS platform which is one of the major assets or resource for bridging peace in Kenya and all over the world. Cate, with her vast experience, gave thumbs up to Sisi ni Amani for having the best resources on board, for example she praised the SNA-K staff. She was just amazed by how these people are committed to what they do; she had no option but look forward to each day with a smile on her face.

Cate noted that in order to understand whether SNA-K’s programs are having their intended impact, there is the need to set up structures for documentation and analysis. There will be a lot of documentation that needs to be done and also a lot of training in the two chapters (Nairobi and Narok), to give them the skills for documentation and analysis.  She emphasizes that there is a lot of potential in SNA-K, and especially in the two chapters.

Cate happiest moment is when she shared her vast knowledge with Caleb Njoroge. She couldn’t stop smiling and being happy, she has been amazed how Caleb grasped  each concept  and he expounded on it. She mentioned that Caleb is one of SNA’s numerous talents and a major asset for the future.

Cate has been into many countries but she told me Kenya is special and she is positive she is coming back. In the meantime she goes back to the U.S. to finish her Masters in International Peace and Conflict Resolution at American University. She will be continuing her work with Sisi ni Amani from there as she will continue to develop tools that will be used in SNA in the near future.

Her parting shot was very simple and straight to the point:

The hard work is just beginning”


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