Sauti Yetu Debates: Senator’s Edition

Sauti Yetu Debates had its Senator Debate in Korogocho, Friday the 17th of August. Despite inviting all known aspirants, only one aspirant, Timothy Njiiru showed up to the debate. While we were initially disappointed, the audience stayed for several hours, engaging fully and asking many questions.

Njiiru started by giving his vision and ambitions once he gets senator’s seat. He talked of how he is going to fix the loopholes of illegal money circulating in the country. He  mentioned he is going to ensure good structures are put in place that are leading to good governance, once he gets the office.  In the midst of the audience, there was this bishop who had a series of question towards the candidate; one of the questions that caught my attention was the reason why Mr. Njiiru believed he is the best candidate for the job. Mr.Njiiru talked of how he has been through several sets of Civic Education and how he volunteered in several peace building activities in Nairobi County. Mr. Njiiru had to convince the residents of Korogocho he is not to going disappear if he gets the post, and he promised to consider them in his priorities. Distribution of resources in Korogocho was a hot topic for the audience since the place has scarce resources: facilities and social amenities such as hospitals and schools are rare and the population is too large to access the few amenities in the area. Another question dealt with disaster management in the area Disasters have been happening in the area and a lot needs to be done to reduce the impact and frequency of these incidences in the area.

It was a fascinating debate, and despite being disappointed that more aspirants did not show up, the audience was engaged throughout.

Now, for a peace quote of the day:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.


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