Desirable Future

When I talk about desirable future am sure most of you are thinking of your needs and how they should be fulfilled in the future, but that’s being self centered. Think of a desirable future where everyone cares and shows empathy towards one another. This is what I experienced last week on Friday at Baba Dogo, three candidates with a vision for Nairobi Governor Seat. Wow! I must say I was impressed not only by the aspirants but also Baba Dogo Residents.

In Baba Dogo, all known aspirants were invited and three attended. The aspirants present were former teacher and a former councilor Mr.Mutinda Kavemba; Mr. Richard Nyakwaka, a former Rugby player for the Kenya National Team; the former ormer chairman for Nairobi Central Business District Mr. Timothy Muriuki.   All of these aspirants showed empathy by the words they used towards the Baba Dogo residents. Each aspirant rose and presented his credentials to the audience, after which the floor was opened for questions. Wenye nchi (Baba Dogo Residents) had a series of questions that they felt were key to their community, and they listened keenly to the answers.

Affordability is a word known to many, especially Nairobi Residents: life is becoming more difficult for Nairobi residents, with rent, fuel prices, electricity costs and the overall cost of living increasing. This was obviously a pressing issue for Baba Dogo residents, especially for the young people who are growing in this area: An upcoming artist called “Stress Kibao” made my day when he asked what will the candidates do about garbage collection in the area since everything is being charged and many youth are being harrassed by law enforcement. Each aspirant answered the question with a concrete answer. Some spoke of how they are going to recycle the waste and make products that can raise revenue to the residents of Baba Dogo. One interesting answer was young people forming SACCOs (savings and credit co-operative) to get loans and to be contracted for various activities in the area. This really made the audience excited since the aspirants assured the residents that they can even access loans when they are in a SACCO.

This Debate was special and different, with excitement and engagement from both the community and the aspirants, and an excellent rapport between the aspirants. Another thing that moved me is the fact that the candidates talked of reviving tertiary institutions in the area and also the social halls that are used to nurture talents. Of course insecurity had to be addressed, and the aspirants talked of how they will empower the youth in programs that will reduce the rate of insecurity in Baba Dogo and also security at a large in Nairobi. One aspirant spoke of how he was going to engage with the National Government to ensure Nairobi is safe. Health facilities in Baba Dogo also need a big upgrade, and the three candidates’ spoke of how an assessment will be carried out to identify the various departments and facilities that need improvement.

At the end of the debate the audience was entertained by the upcoming artist with his latest single “Stress Kibao.” I am amazed how this debates have turned to be life changing events. Just like Stress Kibao was able to market and share his talent, people are able to tell their stories and the same time inspire others. It’s my wish that Kenya Remains one and united during the elections and after the elections.

More debates coming up in October!


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