This is where you can read about Sisi ni Amani Kenya’s day to day activities!

Sisi ni Amani Kenya [We are Peace Kenya in Swahili] is a Kenyan NGO that aims to prevent future violence in Kenya by strengthening the efforts of existing networks of peace leaders. SNA-K’s activities rest on the fundamental belief that local actors have the knowledge, social capital, and motivation to promote a sustainable peace, but lack necessary tools and capacity.

Sisi ni Amani Kenya (SNA-K) takes a technology-aided approach to peacebuilding, and equips its local chapters with mobile phone-based technologies to facilitate rapid SMS (text message) communication between groups and with the overall community, and provides facilitation for its local chapters to plan appropriate usage of these technologies for peace promotion and monitoring of conflict in their local areas.

SNA-K’s activities fall under two main programs: Strengthening Positive Grassroots Civic Engagement & Voice, and Conflict Early Warning and Response. Together, these programs create active peace through collaborative and alternative means to violence, and empower communities to be resilient to conflict.

Sisi ni Amani Kenya has two main Chapters: One in Kasarani, Nairobi, and one in Narok, Rift Valley. In both Chapters, local teams are using the technology to inform the community about peace events, conduct civic education and sensitize the community regarding potentially volatile issues. Both Chapters are currently working to expand their subscriber base, and each Chapter has its own unique programming. The Narok Chapter is currently focused on a series of grassroots forums on land issues and rumors, while the Kasarani Chapter is implementing Sauti Yetu Debates, a political debates program providing opportunities for positive civic engagement. Sisi ni Amani Kenya also implemented a pilot program in Kamukunji, Nairobi, during a by-election.

Learn more about Sisi ni Amani Kenya by exploring our website, and Join 1,000 for Peace, our campaign to get 1,000 individuals to donate $10+ to peace by visiting our Donate Page.


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