Mulot & Ololulunga Hold Joint Forum on Double Leasing (by Jackie)

November 3, 2011

Sisi Ni Amani  Kenya, Narok Chapter, held the first of its series of community sensitization meetings. These meeting / public forums are open to all members of the public and are aimed at creating awareness on the various issues that affect the people of Narok. (Double-leasing which is when the landowner leases the land to two different people and thus creates a conflict in which the two lessees often escalate to violence.)

On 29th October, 2011, SNA-K’s Narok Chapter team led by Jackson Saruni held a public meeting at Kibilat, on the border of Mulot and Ololulunga divisions. This meeting was aimed at sensitizing the community on the issue of double leasing which is a common problem in this area and a source of tensions and at times violent confrontations between the different ethnic communities that reside in this area.

We had an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya present at the meeting to give a legal perspective to the issue of double leasing. More importantly, he informed, educated and answered the questions of the people present on various aspects of Sale of Land Agreements and Land Lease Agreements. Alex, the Advocate, took the public through what is required of a good lease and land sale agreements and what to look out for when getting into such agreements. He explained the legal and procedural requirements for both documents.

It is our hope and belief that through these public meetings and forums, wananchi (citizens) will be more alert and knowledgeable on double leasing and in turn this will reduce the number of violent confrontations and tensions that are caused by this problem. Also, we hope that those that engage in this illegal practice out of not knowing will change and conduct land deals in a legal manner.

The Chiefs, Pastors, District Peace Committee members and the People of the area that attended the public forum applauded SNA- K for the program, going so far as to call Chapter leadership to express their appreciation of the forum. We have been invited to hold similar forums in other parts of Narok South District and to continue supporting the existing mechanisms to foster peace among people of different ethnic backgrounds.

We would like to especially thank Saina Sena & Company Advocates for their time and legal expertise and we look forward to working with them in our objective of searching for community-based approaches to resolving conflicts and tension. Also, this forum would not have been possible without the help and dedication of our Chapter members in particular, Pastor Wilson Musonik, Ntutu, Nickson Kamoye and Jackson Saruni, put in the hard work to make this possible.

Photos coming soon!!!