Implementing the Action Plan in Kasarani (March 1st, by Rachel)

July 14, 2011

The Kasarani group is currently implementing the different components of the action plan they created in December through the SMS platform. The SMS platform enables them to reach the community efficiently and effectively, and means that even when they can’t afford to create expensive public forums or trainings for large numbers of community leaders, they can have a similar impact via SMS.

Take civic education, the first topic in the action plan – the group has a scheduled “Training of Trainers” to create an SMS-based civic education program focusing on the new constitution (especially potentially volatile or easily misunderstood issues), and will send out regular civic education messages to their broad network over the coming months. They are also planning ways to implement political debate and the creation of the Community Voice document through SMS, and more. The SMS platform has become a means for these groups to bring community members on board to promote peace, sensitize them to issues of leadership and the new constitution, and survey them for their opinions in a two-way exchange of information – and most importantly, it is all cost effective and takes relatively little time to enable these groups to continue their current activities and use the SMS platform as a way to amplify and enhance their work on the ground.