Mulot Hot Spots Analysis

August 16, 2011

On August 9th, the SNA-K Narok Chapter held its third community forum to analyze its hot spots analysis report for the Narok area and gain insights from local community leaders. The first two forums took place in Ololulunga and Narok Town respectively, and the third meeting in Mulot. The meetings all had similar formats, beginning with introductions, a discussion of SNA-K’s work in the area, and presentation and feedback on the hot spots analysis written by the Narok Chapter. Meetings were well attended in all areas and brought a wealth of information to SNA-K’s existing analysis as well as added buy-in within various communities.

Most recently, in Mulot, the meeting focused mainly on land  issues and political incitement, rumors, and misinformation that was spread during previous episodes of violence. The group added additional areas of concern to the original analysis, and also provided insight into different stereotypes and beliefs between groups that contribute to hostility. In Ololulunga, the main issues were land and cattle rustling, while in Narok Town issues centered upon ownership of business and land within Town and animosity between groups based on these tensions.

In all areas, community members made requests that the SNA-K team expand to cover additional areas, and many community members invited the team to come to their particular community. Specifically, attendees of the Mulot forum came from as far as the Transmara border and requested that SNA-K bring its programming to their area. While resources limit expansion at present, these analyses will contribute not only to planning of conflict early warning and response systems for specific areas, but also towards prioritizing areas for expansion and areas that serve as central points of violence and merit more intensive monitoring.